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Your Weekend. Your Choice.

  I hope everyone is keeping warm on this beautiful (and if you’re in the Midwest, very cold) winter morning. I thought I would send out my very first email and address that dreaded, very chaotic time of year we’re all moving into.   It comes every […]

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Sundays Are For Snuggles. And Coffee.

  Ahh Sunday morning at the Kugler residence. We’ve been moving non-stop all week and have been looking forward to today. It’s very rare that I get the entire day with my husband with no alarms and no agenda Resetting and allowing ourselves to be in full […]

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There’s Light Ahead — And It’s All For YOU!!

      As we move into the end of our 2017 and into the beginning of a fresh, new year I invite you all to take some time to reflect on how you’re feeling, how you’re living your life and on those heavy things that you […]

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Heading Back To The Mat.

Beyond excited to be adding some classes to my yoga teaching schedule in 2018. Over the past couple of years I’ve stepped away from teaching regularly to pursue a full time leadership position at Lululemon. As much as I have learned and gained from my role and […]

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Want To Really Crush Those 2018 Goals? Do This First.

  Who else has noticed that BIG, beautiful moon in the sky this week? It’s one of two full moons that we’ll have this month. The one you saw last night and will see again tonight is very special. It’s a super moon and lies in the […]

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My Weekly Invitation: Awareness

Ahhh you did it. You made it through your Monday. I hope everyone is prepping for an evening with whatever it is that serves your soul the best. I also hope that those of you who were brave enough to set some BIG goals for yourself this […]

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Refreshed + Ready with Healthy Way

Oh my goodness. I. Am. So EXCITED to share this with you. Last month I teamed up with @healthywaymedia. We worked together to create beautiful mini-series that encompasses goal setting (the tactics and the why’s behind it, yoga and meditation just for you. I get asked pretty […]

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