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Your Weekend. Your Choice. « Hope for Young Adults With Cancer Hope For Young Adults With Cancer

Your Weekend. Your Choice.


I hope everyone is keeping warm on this beautiful (and if you’re in the Midwest, very cold) winter morning. I thought I would send out my very first email and address that dreaded, very chaotic time of year we’re all moving into.
It comes every year, and every year we manage to get overwhelmed, cranky, tired and sometimes even physically (and mentally) ill. What if I told you we didn’t have to move into our last weeks of 2017 feeling like this? What if I told you that YOU have the choice to feel however you want to feel? I promise, you really can stay happy and vibrant through the holiday season.
A packed work schedule, blog posts to finish, holiday parties, painting our home and yoga classes to fit in (so I stay sane) are among some of the things I get to do over this very full weekend. I found myself feeling that familiar holiday stress but right away was able to put myself in check and put things into perspective. From there, I shifted my sh*t.
I made a decision to flow into my weekend with an intention of presence. Instead of wishing there were more hours in the day I am choosing to flow into my commitments with ease, with calm, with gratitude and with presence.
We always have the power to choose how we want to feel at any given moment and also how we want to look at things. Making shifts, even the smallest shifts, can have such a big impact on how we view our world. It also impacts the people around us and the energy we put out into the Universe.
I invite you to be in choice this weekend. Set an intention for yourself and stick with it. Let it be in the back of your mind as you move through the rest of the week–let it be your weekend theme song! And find gratitude in the fullness (a.k.a. the busy, go go). Why, you ask? Because there are so many people out there that long to have families to see, friends to talk to, food to eat and choices to make.
You are powerful. You are capable. You have the choice. We have only one life. Make it great.
With love and so much appreciation for YOU.


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